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Who Are We?

Athletic Mind was created in 2005 and began life in sports performance coaching. We set out to help people answer one simple question “How do I improve?

Whilst the question might be simple, the answers quite often were not so simple. That led us on a quest to find the best techniques, theories and principles that people could learn, practise and ultimatly use to enhance their performance. Over the years we have put together a whole series of tools to help people improve, tools that stick to our key principles of being easy to learn, easy to apply and capable of delivering real improvement.

Our work in sport began to evolve into new fields and in 2008 we ran our first management training programmes. We had such a good time and received such great feedback that we haven’t looked back. We now regularly work with businesses of all sizes, delivering management training and leadership programmes.

But we didn’t stop there because we began to receive regular requests for personal development work.  So we also work with individuals and small groups helping and coaching them to improve their personal skills and achieve their personal goals in life.

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