Every organisation needs great leadership but leadership comes from every part of an organisation, not just from the top. Now more than ever during these challenging financial times do businesses need their people to become leaders. To grasp opportunities, lead by example, provide guidance and support and encourage others to excel. But how do leaders emerge and what do they need to know and do to demonstrate truly great leadership?

On our Leadership Programme we answer those questions and provide proven leadership tools for people to learn, practice and adopt. Every programme is structured to fit in around your operational needs either through a series of 90 minute workshops or over longer-term programmes.

The fully facilitated sessions break down the mystique that surrounds leadership in a series of practical, engaging modules that enable delegates to understand it’s key elements, to practice them and then to put them into action.

Each session uncovers and examines:

  • The different styles of leadership
  • The delegates effectiveness as leaders
  • The key principles of effective leadership
  • The 6 most common traps and pitfalls that prevent good leadership
  • How effective leadership leads to high performance teamwork

Our Leadership Programme can be delivered in your own on-site facilities or at a convenient off-site training venue. The programme can also be combined with teamwork events at some of the UK’s best outdoor training venues. However you choose to run your programme, we ensure that it is focused on your specific needs and is relevant to your current situation. We also make sure that the programme fits in around your operational commitments to encourage maximum amounts of engagement and effectiveness.

To find out more about our Leadership Programme call us on 01284 799 355 or click here to get in touch. We would be delighted to hear from you and look forward to working with you.