When you do a presentation, what are you really saying? Are you saying that you understand your audience, that you believe in your message and that your are a confident, competent person?

Are you believeble, engaging and impactful? Or do you fail to connect and under-whelm…

In today’s business environment, whether you deal in products or services, you can be sure that your competitors will be close to matching or maybe even beating whatever proposition you can offer. You therefore need to make use of other skills to win new business or grow existing ones. The most important and influencial of those are your presenting skills.

So much can be won and lost during those critical moments when you are presenting that it should demand a lot of your attention.

How do you open and close with impact?

How should you structure it to capture and hold the audience’s attention?

How do you use content to switch people on rather than switch them off?

How do you deliver to build interest, engagement and rapport?

How do you use your environment to your advantage?

How do you handle objections to build credibility and trust?

Understanding the key presenting skills will make you more confident and aware, better equipped to make impactful presentations and on the road to being a top class presenter.