Stress Management & Resilience

Resilience & Stress Management

Stress Management & Resilience

People react to the challenges of their job in different ways. Some people thrive when others struggle to cope.  As the economic climate continues to be turbulent many businesses are having to place greater levels of responsibility and increased performance expectations on their teams. This has led to a necessary focus on Stress Management and Resilience.

Managers and team leaders are not only expected to be able to cope with their own challenges, they are expected to help others cope too. This brings added pressure and unless people have high levels of resilience, they may struggle to cope. This may cause their performance levels to drop and their happiness and health may suffer.

Resilient people are adaptable and able to manage the stress of their work and personal lives. They are positive towards the demands of the workplace and the changes that take place. Resilient people have learned how to control their emotions and stay in control. They are more reliable and consistent.

The good news is that the essential skills of Stress Management and Resilience can be learnt and we run dedicated workshops for Managers and for Employees.

Stress Management & Resilience sessions for employees:

These engaging group sessions take teams through resilience training so that they develop:

  • the skills to handle the demands of their job
  • a positive outlook and good physical and mental wellbeing
  • the attitude and mindset to thrive under pressure
  • the ability to overcome negative thoughts and destructive emotions and stay focused
  • the understanding of how they can positively manage  and develop their own performance

Stress Management & Resilience for Managers:

This workshop trains Managers to:

  • recognise the 6 main Risk Factors that cause stress in the workplace
  • gain a detailed understanding of the signs of symptoms of stress on an individual and on the organisation
  • understand the key Management Standards that should be in place to manage and monitor stress levels
  • how to develop a cohesive and effective action plan
  • develop Resilience in themselves and their team members

Poor Stress Management can cause may problems for individuals and businesses. It causes one of the highest absence rates of all recognised health complaints but many simple strategies can minimise the risk.

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