The 2 Minute Rule for Getting Things Done

I think it’s fair to say that most people go through phases where they struggle to get things done. Increasing demands, insufficient resources, poor communication and bad organisation can all lead to problems with our productivity and leave us wanting another day in the week.

If you do struggle with your productivity you may want to apply the Two-Minute Rule.

In his book “Getting Things Done” productivity expert David Allen describes this simple technique to gain control and boost your productivity.

“If the next action can be done in two minutes or less, do it when you first pick up the item. If the memo requires just a thirty-second reading and then a quick “yes”/”no”/other response on a Post-it back to the sender, do it now. If you can browse the catalog in just a minute or two to see if there might be anything of interest in it, browse away, and then toss it, route it, or reference it as required. If the next action on something is to leave a quick message on someone’s voicemail, make the call now.”

The rationale behind David Allen’s two-minute rule is that two minutes is the efficiency cut-off point where things have piled up on you start taking longer to store and track than they do to deal with it and move on. So  when things are piling up on you , when you have a log-jam of emails, tasks and requests to get through then apply the two-minute rule. It doesn’t matter if a task is low priority or high priority, if it takes less than two minutes just do it and move on to the next. If it’s going to take longer then than two minutes it should be delegated or deferred.

If you would like help with your productivity at work then call us on 01284 799 355. It won’t take longer than two minutes!

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