Employee Wellness

Employee Wellness

Employee Wellness

For most organisations, people are their most valuable asset. The success of an organisation can be significantly impacted by the state of their employee’s wellness. In every moment of every day each individual’s ability to perform is impacted by their physical and mental state. Research has continually supported that healthy individuals have more energy, are happier, more positive and take fewer sick days than less healthy colleagues. Recent findings suggest that organisations with greater levels of employee wellness can enjoy 20% higher levels of productivity* – the equivalent of a whole days work per week! Whilst sickness absence can cost an organisation nearly £500 per person per year*.

By putting employee wellness at the heart of it’s development strategies an organisation can grow productivity by positively enhancing the mental and physical state of it’s people. We help organisations by running a co-ordinated set of activities that build awareness, measure and monitor wellness whilst encouraging engagement and gaining commitment and positive action.

Our services include:

  • Onsite Health & Wellness assessments giving employees instant results and important advice on key health parameters including:
    Cardiac Risk Factor
    Blood Pressure
    Resting heart rate
    Cholesterol (LDL & HDL)
    Blood sugar levels
    Body Composition (body fat % and LBM)
    Hydration levels
  • Educational and transformational workshops covering:
    Weight Management
    Getting Fit, Staying Active
    Nutrition and Healthy Eating
    Energy Management
    Sleep and Relaxation
    Posture & Balance
    Making and Breaking Habits

The importance of placing employee wellness at the heart of organisational development is becoming increasingly recognised. 80% of FTSE 100 companies have an employee health and wellbeing programme and many more organisation are following suit.

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* Source: Building the Case for Wellness, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC.