An Essential Ingredient For Success: Keep Your Inner Fire Burning

Keep the flame burning

There are many important elements that contribute to a person’s performance but without drive or motivation the chances of success, especially in a competitive or challenging situation, will be seriously impacted.

Unfortunately it is very easy for people to lose the passion that fuels and drives a person to succeed. If that happens the results can be disastrous. It’s therefore imperative if you want to achieve success you must keep your inner fire burning.

Here, Jeff Boss, a former US Navy SEAL describes the importance of passion and how he keeps his fire burning…

“It’s important to keep the fire in the gut burning because without passion or purpose you become complacent–and complacency kills. I give myself a gut check every day to make sure I’ve still “got it” because over time it’s easy to lose sight of what matters to you and instead focus on what is important to others (think new employee versus senior leader).

For me, the connection between mental and physical fitness is important–in the SEALs and in business–and something I continually try to strengthen by doing crazy gut checks like driving across country in 42 hours straight with no (read zero) sleep (not something I recommend, by the way) or waking up at five am every day to play guitar, write my blog, and exercise–rain, sleet, or snow–before heading into work.

If you lose the fire in the gut then you lose the values that define you”.

Jeff Boss, former Navy SEAL and CrossLead team member at the McChrystal Group

How do you keep your passion alive? We’d love to hear your ideas.

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