Online Courses

Hello and welcome to our Online Courses! This is the home page of our courses and below, you will find a list of subject categories that we offer courses on. Our courses are a mixture of free, short introductory courses, bite-size learning modules and traditional learning programmes. Please click on the topic that you are interested in and browse through the courses and select the ones you would like to study. If you have any questions, please contact

Sports Performance

Our sports performance courses are based on proven methods and techniques athletes use to achieve success. The courses provide a blend of education, information and practical guidance that will help you develop your performance no matter what level you are currently at. Click HERE to access our courses.

Stress and Resilience

Today’s economic, political and social environment is volatile, uncertain and highly pressurised. That environment has created a need for people to develop ways of dealing with pressure and stress to begin to live and work in a happier state. Our courses provide an essential mix of information and practical advice that helps to master stress and build resilience. Click HERE to access our courses.

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