How To Overcome A Lack Of Confidence

Lacking confidence

Confidence is like a balloon, when it’s full you can float through a challenge with skill and poise but what happens if the balloon pops?

When our level of confidence drops the cause is usually self-inflicted. There are a number of reasons we allow ourselves to lose confidence; setting ourselves unrealistic expectations, failing to achieve goals, handling mistakes badly, focusing on our weaknesses and allowing other people to get to us. We also allow ourselves to drift into an unconfident state because of the way we prepare, the way we focus and the way we talk.

So what can we do about it? What techniques and strategies exist that we can use to boost our confidence level and keep it there?

Here are a number of tips that you can start using today…

Set Appropriate Expectation Levels

When you expect to perform perfectly or have a zero-mistake performance, you actually set yourself up for failure. Why? Because the moment you make a mistake, you think you’re under-performing.

Your first step towards boosting and maintaining confidence is to mentally prepare for whatever you are about to do knowing that you may make mistakes. Once you’ve accepted this fact you will stay confident when those mistakes happen.

Let Go Of Mistakes

Not letting go of mistakes can quickly spiral out of control. When this spiral begins, you might become frustrated, get angry but ultimately it leads to loss of confidence, potentially the most performance damaging state to be in.

So how do you let go of mistakes? When you do something bad, quickly analyse it for what can be learned. Work out where things went wrong and see how you can do it better next time. Then forget about it, FOREVER!

Focus On Your Strengths

Forget the philosophy that says you have to identify your weaknesses to improve your performance. By doing that you are mentally reinforcing those parts of your performance which cause you to lose confidence. Start focusing on what you do well and build your confidence instead.

Talk Confident. Think Confident

From now on become your biggest fan, stop beating yourself up for errors and use confident positive language instead. Maintaining positive self talk that encourages and reinforces the confident, effective performance that you are capable of, sets a confident imprint in your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind controls and runs your body and your emotions. It works automatically and through consistent practice and reinforcement your confidence can also become automatic.

Would you like to have a specific confidence plan that allows you to perform with unshakable confidence? If so, then get in touch and we’ll guide you through the steps that could transform your performance.

Image credit: Franck Vervial


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