Talk Positive. Be Positive

If you were playing in a competitive game of doubles tennis and your partner hit a bad shot, would you say to them “that shot was terrible, we’re going to lose now because of you. You’re rubbish at this game!”?

No, you wouldn’t because you know it would only damage their confidence and their game and you need them to play well.

So why in the world do we do talk that way to ourselves when we make a mistake? The same damaging results happen and yet we repeatedly beat ourselves up for every mistake we make.

From now on become your biggest fan, stop beating yourself for errors and use confident positive language instead. Maintaining positive self-talk that highlights and reinforces your confident, effective play will set a confident imprint on your unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is the part of the mind that controls and runs your body and your emotions. Your unconscious mind works automatically and through consistent practise and reinforcement your positivity will also become automatic.

Enjoy the game!


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