Being Spotted

One question that always gets brought up by youngsters is “What do I have to do to get spotted by a scout?”

Well that’s a tricky one because all too often talent, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Just sit near a group of spectators and/or parents during any competitive sports game and you’ll hear what I mean.

So how do we deal with this conundrum. Well the first thing to point out is that by thinking about what other people are expecting of you, or thinking about you, or saying about you, you have already shifted your focus away from how you are performing. By doing that you risk losing concentration and allowing mistakes to creep in to you game. You should always have your focus on your performance and concentrate on what you are doing.

But there are things you can concentrate on that will attract the eye of the scouts. They are:

  • Do constant work on the field of play, be that a pitch, a court, a track or whatever. Always be busy getting into the game and being involved. Make those tackles, put in the runs, cover back, take the opportunities when they present themselves and don’t be afraid to fail.
  • After a mistake, come back with a strong positive response, make the right moves, keep your body language positive, stay in the game and put in extra effort to make up for the mistake.
  • Never give up. Keep working to the final whistle, if you get tackled get back into the game quickly, if you get criticised rise above it and keep going.
  • Plan, evaluate ¬†and correct with team mates on the pitch or on the sidelines. Encourage others, support others and pass to better positioned players.
  • Take tips, ask questions, listen, admit errors and correct them without making excuses. Always show that you want to continue to learn.

By keeping your focus on these actions and thinking about ways to apply them to your game, you will stay connected to your performance and give yourself a better chance of being spotted.

Enjoy the game!


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